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Nick Carter

Nick Carter is so hot





  • he's hot
  • he's young he's 35
  • he was the biggest teen heartthrob of the 90s and of every boyband
  • he's from NY like me
  • his name is spelled Nickolas which is different and hot
  • he's worth millions of dollars from his fame with the Backstreet Boys
  • he released two solo albums
  • he had two tv shows
  • he joined the Backstreet Boys when he was 12 which means he wasn't even a teen heartthrob yet
  • his voice is hot




  • he's married ugh fml
  • he's aging really bad so fast



Nick Carter as a teen heartthrob in a black wife beater.jpg
Nick Carter looking hot in his early 20s.jpg
Nick Carter looking really hot in a cropped pic.jpg