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Curtis Mayfield

Curtis Mayfield is really hot





  • he's hot
  • he has a really hot voice
  • he was 57 when he died which is young and not really a pro but it's something
  • he's one of the most influential artists from the 70s to now
  • Move On Up is a really good song
  • he has a huge bright smile
  • Miguel sampled him in a song
  • his songs were anthems for Martin Luther King Jr. and his movements
  • he won a lot of awards
  • a lot of his songs were recorded as he was laying on his back which is really cool




  • a light on stage fell on him and he became paralyzed for 9 years and his body deteriorated ever since and he died after Christmas in 1999
Curtis Mayfield wearing a turtleneck while playing guitar.jpg
Curtis Mayfield wearing a blazer and smiling.jpg
Curtis Mayfield with his hand upon his face smiling and looking like an angel.jpg