Hot Guys

Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham is so hot





  • he's hot
  • he's on the Seahawks
  • he's young he's 28
  • he's really good at football
  • he's really tall and strong so he can catch the ball better than shorter ppl
  • he's 6'7"
  • he has a hot smile
  • he scored his first touchdown on the Seahawks during the first real game of the season today
  • he's black and he has red hair which is really hot and rare to have
  • he was a 1st round draft pick for the Seahawks but Max Unger left and he was hot too
  • he's not on the New Orleans Saints anymore he's on the Seahawks which is a hotter team




  • I hate his name


Jimmy Graham looking hot with the football during his first Seahawks game.jpg
Jimmy Graham smiling and looking hot during practice.jpg
Jimmy Graham looking hot with the ball during practice.jpg