Hot Guys

Cody ChesnuTT

Cody ChesnuTT is gorgeous 





  • he's hot
  • he's young he's 47
  • he has such a hot soft voice omg
  • he plays guitar
  • he's a part of the neo soul movement
  • The Seed 2.0 with The Roots is a really hot song 
  • his voice is angelic af
  • he wears a helmet for fun
  • 'Til I Met Thee is a really hot song
  • he has gorgeous eyes
  • he looks so hot with a beard omg




  • N/A


Cody ChesnuTT posing for a picture and looking hot af with a wool jacket on.jpg
Cody ChesnuTT looking gorgeous with a helmet on.jpg
Cody ChesnuTT in a café sipping coffee and looking gorgeous af.jpg