Hot Guys

Shamar Forte

Shamar Forte is gorgeous





  • he's hot
  • he's young
  • he's from New York
  • he looks up to Miguel as inspiration as every hot guy should do
  • 'Showdown' is a really hot song like top 10 hot songs I've heard from underground artists
  • his name is so hot
  • he looks like NE-YO but he's hotter
  • he has a gorgeous smile
  • his voice is so soft and sexy
  • he has a beard and he can pull it off it's not gross
  • he has a hot body




  • I'm still waiting for more songs cmon Shamar
Shamar Forte looking gorgeous in only a scarf.jpg
Shamar Forte looking really hot in a greyscale picture of him in a jacket and a hat.jpg
Shamar Forte and his gorgeous smile.jpg