Hot Guys

Kurtis Blow

Kurtis Blow is really hot I'm surprised I haven't made him the Hot Guy of the Day sooner





  • he's hot
  • he's young he's 56
  • he's a rapper and he's really good
  • he has a really hot smile
  • he had the hottest hair in the 80s idc
  • he's a hot dad
  • his son is SO HOT
  • he's an ordained minister
  • he's from NY like me
  • he created King Holiday with Martin Luther King Jr's son
  • If I Ruled The World is a good song
  • he had the hottest body in the 80s too idc it was hot
  • he has a hot name





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Kurtis Blow looking hot in a nice sweater as he gives thumbs up.jpg
Kurtis Blow wearing a belly shirt looking really hot idc he's gorgeous.jpg
Kurtis Blow looking hot with no shirt on underneath his blazer.jpg