Hot Guys


Shyneis so hot





  • he's hot
  • he's young he's 37
  • he's from NY like me
  • he got deported back to Belize because he was bad but it's ok he's back now
  • he was Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend in the Waiting For Tonight era remember that video
  • he has a really hot voice it's gorgeous
  • he changed his name from Jamal to Moses because his grandma is Jewish
  • his eyes are gorgeous
  • his debut album sold 900,000 copies which is really good and that means he has money
  • he was signed to Bad Boy Records but not anymore he's signed to Gangland now





  • he was bad but not anymore
Shyne looking hot with his gorgeous eyes omfg.jpg
Shyne looking hot with no hair.jpg
Shyne looking hot with a hot design shaved into his hair.jpg