Hot Guys

Redhead Kingpin

Redhead Kingpin is so hot idc





  • he's hot
  • he was part of the New Jack Swing era with Redhead Kingpin and the FBI
  • he's a producer
  • he's talented
  • he plays the keyboard
  • he actually has red hair
  • he's one of the few famous black guys with actual red hair
  • Pump It Hottie is a hot song bc he talks about his red hair in the song
  • his name is David and that's a cool name
  • he has really hot eyes





  • he had like 2 songs
  • he has no pics


Redhead Kingpin in a video pointing to his red hair.jpg
Redhead Kingpin looking hot in a video still.jpg
Redhead Kingpin looking hot on the Superbad, Superslick album artwork.jpg