Hot Guys

Mark Foster

Mark Foster is so hot





  • he's hot
  • he's young he's 32
  • he has really hot eyes and I don't like blue eyes so this is saying something
  • he was born on Leap Day which is rare and hot af
  • his voice is really unique and hot af
  • he wears skinny jeans and he looks hot in them
  • he has a cute smile
  • he kinda looks like Robin Thicke but a hot hipster version
  • he looks so good with short hair
  • he looks so hot with a mullet too
  • he looks homeless but it's hot




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Mark Foster looking hot on the red carpet with a denim shirt on.jpg
Mark Foster looking hot af on a couch in a greyscale picture.jpg
Mark Foster looking hot in a suit jacket with a t-shirt on.jpg