today is Ginuwine's birthday!!!! 





Ginuwine is so fucking hot all summer long in 2011 I listened to Ginuwine

Ginuwine has the best music videos too because a lot of them have hot and sexy dancing in it by Ginuwine and they sometimes have 2 songs in them

I have a speech impediment and I can't say genuine anymore I just say Ginuwine and it's ok because that's what it should be anyway tbh

up until January 2013 my phone background was Ginuwine and Common and a yellow lab puppy and a PT Cruiser but now it's Miguel in space with PT Cruisers and dogs


my favorite video is None Of Ur Friends Business because Ginuwine dances outside with a broom and nobody is touching the broom the broom is dancing by itself it's scary but hot

omg wait no actually Differences is my favorite video because Ginuwine is flying around while looking hot omg

I like So Anxious because it's a hot song and Ginuwine is so polite in his songs he has manners he's hot idc that he's 43 he's hot

actually idk I just love Ginuwine


Ginuwine has his own brand of adult chocolate milk he looks hot in the promotional ads for it

I loved Pony before it blew up on the internet I have the original Ginuwine 100% Ginuwine cassette tape and Ginuwine... The Bachelor cassette tape I listen to it regularly I love Ginuwine he's hot

Ginuwine is now a part of TGT which is Tyrese Ginuwine and Tank which is aka the hot guys supergroup because Tyrese is hot and Ginuwine is hot and Tank is hot

Ginuwine is so hot omg Ginuwine please adopt me I want to be one of your children I'm perfect I'm a car I know you don't have any kids like that yet so please adopt me I need you I love you I want to be one of you. is there any more room for me in those genes because I want to be your child


Ginuwine has his arms opened in this photo because he wants me to run into them because he wants to adopt me. yes Ginuwine I will happily accept your offer



happy birthday Ginuwine ilu