today is Usher's birthday





Usher is so hot omg u have no idea how much I love him cuz he's hot and he's a good singer

 I loved My Way I have that album and I also have 8701 and 8701 is also the numbers I use at work and for other things like my debit card which I don't ever use lol


In the video for You Make Me Wanna he's so hot and he's multiplying omfg there are like 69 Ushers in this video I would not mind all of them omg he's amazing with the guitar he's gorgeous


Usher has been gorgeous since day 1 when Call Me A Mack came out but omg he's unbelievable in Think Of You

Think Of You is my favorite Usher song because not only is it a great song but he looks amazing at 15 years old and yes I don't care that I'm saying this I am a pedophile I will go to jail over 15 year old Usher Terry Raymond IV


Usher looks amazing at any age I swear he's perfect and that bitch Tameka tried tainting him with marriage wow smh



in Confessions he was perfect omg the Confessions pt. 2 video he was so fucking hot omfg he shattered the huge mirror with his abs omg Usher please shatter my body and soul with your abs because they are so amazing just like ur voice and ur music omg I would not mind being 3 months pregnant and keeping it if its yours

and then Yeah omg Usher is so hot in that video omfg he's amazing his body is unbelievable and Usher knows how to dance unlike a lot of people especially white singers cuz they can't dance because they are white

and then My Boo omg even though I despise Alicia Keys I like that song because Usher looks SO HOT in the video omfg you have no idea



Usher was so hot in the OMG video where he's flying around in 3D omfg Usher fuck me you're so hot u have no idea I want you to fly around my bedroom like a sexy nymph and then attack me with your abs via suffocation

too bad Will.I.Am ruined that video and I can't even listen to OMG without having to listen to the special version that doesn't have that black eyed peas add-on ruining it


Usher was so hot in Climax in not only the vocals but the video too when he's on the car which is super sexy because I'm a car and I find other cars very attractive but omfg his voice I didn't know Usher could make that hot of a sound and still look amazing at the same time


and then Lemme See with Rick Ross omg Usher's body and Rick Ross' body omfg this was such a hot video it's very sexy especially when Usher takes his shirt off in the video when he talks about taking his shirt off in the hook omfg I can't right now I'm shaking I have to go now bye


Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 8.33.28 PM.png



just kidding ok I'm back I just want to let everybody know how hot Usher is and how amazing he is and how he does not look 35 years old because he's too hot to age just like Miguel and Trey Songz because they are in their late 20s and still look amazing and perfect and will always look so because they are hot and have great bodies and they are perfect and people can talk shit all they want about them but nothing will happen because they are so hot they are too hot to be ruined because their abs and great smiles can't get DUIs or get arrested because they are perfect and can't get a divorce

Usher you're amazing don't ever stop I love you you're hot and perfect


happy birthday Usher