Miguel's album Kaleidoscope Dream

Today is October 2nd which is the 1 year anniversary of Miguel's 2nd album Kaleidoscope Dream being released. I am going to be reviewing it. 



omg ok when I first heard the preview version of this song in March 2012 I  instantly had an orgasm but I think that was because I was watching the video but still nonetheless Miguel is hot you have no idea how hot this song is omfg I can't right now

the full version of the song is amazing because you hear his soft little moans in the song and his grunts omg Miguel you have no idea what I want you to do to my body

I can literally listen to this song all day and not get tired of it which is rare because I don't really do that with any songs because I get sick of them fast but omg maybe Miguel is my male nurse and his music is my medicine because I cannot get sick listening to him ever

Don't Look Back

ok this is another song that Miguel is perfect on but it does get a little tiresome because of it being so loud but he still sounds hot and sexy in it and omg at the end when he sings Time Of The Season by the Zombies omg Miguel please don't keep doing this lol j/k you can keep doing it because you're so hot and I can't ever get enough of you and your hot body and everything else that is perfect about you



Use Me

OMG OK MIGUEL you sound so hot in this song and the context of this song is so hot and sexy because you're talking about having sex with a girl for the first time and I secretly hope this is about me and you because we are meant to be together and you finally realised it but you're keeping it incognito through your music because your gf is going to get mad that it's not about her


Do You... 

omg ok this one really does it because this is such a hot song and I've listened to this song literally every single day since September 2012 because it is so hot and the song is amazing and omg Miguel literally wrote the most perfect song ever and it's about drugs so obviously it's going to be popular with all the indie and hipster people in Brooklyn because they all live the designer drug chic lifestyle but you have no idea how hot this song is with every stretch of Miguel's voice bellowing in the song omg his voice sounds so soft and his little moans and his voice makes him sound like a hot sexy lil kitten with the mews and his voice is so soft it's like a terry cloth towel omg I literally have less than half of the plays recorded on my computer for this song because I constantly rewind it when I'm in the car because I need to keep hearing the hot part in his voice (every part of the song) because he sounds so hot because he's Miguel I really can't even explain this much further



Kaleidoscope Dream

ok this song clearly had to be on the album because it's the same name as the album but I don't really like this song because I have it recorded only 1 time on my computer but he sounds so hot in the song regardless with his soft voice singing omg Miguel you don't know how hard it is for me to write this because you are so hot and your voice is so soft and calming and you have literally lowered my blood pressure from your hot voice so yes doctors it's true Miguel can help your patients with high blood pressure with his music because he is so calming and there is nothing to yell about when you are listening to Miguel's music so there is no need for blood pressure medications because Miguel is like a Native American secret because you can be cured without medicine


The Thrill

THIS SONG IS SO FUCKING HOT OMG miguel is "shouting" in the beginning in his soft and hot whispery voice omg I cannot take this and his lyrics are really really clear which is rare in music nowadays but omg the song is really great but I just think it's missing something like it can be longer but it's ok Miguel just wanted to have a sweet and sassy short song so we can get to the next hot track on his album


How Many Drinks?

omg ok I never really listened to this song much until he video was released and omfg he sounds so fucking hot in this song because once again it is a very clear song and his voice is echoing so if Miguel turns me on then hearing 5 or 6 Miguels in this song makes me horny is turning me on 6 times as much omg I'm done I'm fucking done ok well I'm not done but I don't like the version with Kendrick Lamar because he sounds like a bug and he ruined the song but the one with just Miguel is so hot and I'm in awe that he used the word colossal because I always say this word and I thought I was the only one that ever used it but I see me and Miguel both use it which means we were meant for each other so I'm just waiting on Miguel to give me a sign saying that he's ready for me and then the climax in the song omfg well let me just say the number of drinks it will take for  Miguel to get with me is zero because it's always going to be an immediate yes


Where's The Fun In Forever

ok I know everyone has been anticipating my review on this song for the longest time due to the song involving Alicia Keys but let me just say I love this song because it sounds so hot because Miguel sounds like he's really tough in this song like leather jacket black sunglasses and backwards hat with blue jeans and leaning up against a locker inside of a high school with his arms crossed kind of tough.  Miguel you sound so fucking hot in this song I want you forever you have no idea what you mean to me I will love you more than any child I will have


Arch N Point

THIS SONG IS REALLY FUCKING HOT I love this song a lot because Miguel is singing it and once again it's another clear song you can hear every lyric in it and omg he's gorgeous Miguel is gorgeous I need him every moan and hum in this song omg you can hear everything his hot mouth is projecting in this song omg I want this song to be a single so badly but I think he's done with Kaleidoscope Dream promotion but omfg I'm so glad this song made the album because it's one of my favorites I've listened to it over 300 times


Pussy Is Mine

this song is really good omfg I just wish it had more instruments in it or more sound but mg his voice is so hot I can literally fall asleep to this song and it's in a good way not a bad way like history class falling asleep in my textbook boring but like infant lullaby fall asleep and when I have kids I'm going to play this song and every Miguel song immediately upon birth like 1 minute after the kid is out he's going to be listening to Miguel and if he cries he's not my child I'm getting rid of it that's not my kid my children are Miguel fans


Candles In The Sun

this song is so hot because Miguel's voice is so soft and he's being serious in this  song and his voice just swoons me and he is referencing Curtis Mayfield which I respect because Curtis Mayfield was a lot to the music industry and Miguel likes him which makes Miguel even more sexy and then he's questioning existence but there is clearly a God out there because God made Miguel perfect but it's ok Miguel can question God because he's hot like a Greek God so Miguel is like religion because I will only follow him nobody else I worship Miguel and his body is so fucking hot like a Greek God omg Miguel please become a world leader  



this song is really hot because Miguel is speaking really slow but it's hot so it's ok because his body is amazing and he's perfect in every aspect and I haven't listened to this song much but I'm listening to it now and omg it's hot but don't worry Miguel the empty space in your heart can be replaced with me because I take up a lot of space with the love that I have for you and I will always love you Miguel I will always be there for you because your voice is so hot and you wrote about space and space is hot because I want to fuck you in space because I'm pretty sure that has never been done before so  we will make it into the record books for being the first people to have sex in space and I will become famous for having sex with Miguel because he's hot



omg ok this is literally the most amazing song ever I can't believe it was cut from the album but don't worry it made the Target exclusive deluxe album which I got so that's why it's featured in this blog entry!!!!!!  omg ok I fell in love with this song on the Art Dealer Chic Vol. 2 Preview when it came out and omg it's so hot it doesn't even sound like a Miguel song but that's the point of Miguel he's not tied to one genre or one sound like every other artist because he's unique and hot and has an amazing body and his eyes are perfect and his voice is amazing and omg I love this song this song has been played literally 400 times and I've loved every 400 plays of that song because he's hot and amazing and deserves the best and he deserves me forever in life because I will be good to Miguel forever and always because he's hot


as you can see Kaleidoscope Dream is an amazing album with hot songs because Miguel wrote the songs and he's singing them all because he's hot and he has that good of a voice because he's hot and perfect and God made him perfect because god doesn't make any mistakes ever with Miguel so clearly Miguel is perfect and if you have any other thoughts about this then you can take a hike because Miguel is perfect and doesn't need to be altered