Blackstreet & Guy

today is Teddy Riley's birthday so that's why I'm making this blog post


Teddy Riley was in both groups Guy and Blackstreet

Teddy Riley is also hot

teddy riley.jpg

not many people know about Guy so let me tell you


Guy made the song D-O-G Me Out

if this wasn't the song you were thinking of that's cuz you were thinking of Atomic Dog by George Clinton but it's ok he's hot too but that isn't the focus of this blog post because the focus today is on Teddy Riley because it's his birthday

Guy also had good songs like Let's Chill and Groove Me and Do Me Right with Heavy D. and they were a part of the 'new jack swing' movement

ok who cares let's get on to the part where I talk about the hot guys


after Guy broke up then came Blackstreet


it seems like everyone only knows No Diggity and no other songs by Blackstreet which is a huge joke cuz Blackstreet has a lot of songs that are good and sound hot like Joy and Before I Let You Go and Fix and Don't Leave Me

Dave Hollister was in Blackstreet and he's hot and he has a good voice and he's hot and I like his music but he left Blackstreet to make solo music but he's back now and still hot

in 2000 when Foxy Brown was a huge thing Blackstreet had a song with them called Gotta Get You Home it was a good song Teddy Riley looks hot in the video

also Blackstreet had a song called Girlfriend/Boyfriend with Eve and Ja Rule and Janet Jackson and the music video is Blackstreet and Eve and Janet Jackson and Ja Rule stuck inside a pinball machine and Ja Rule is in 3D

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 11.36.33 PM.png


in the Rugrats movie Blackstreet had a song with Mya it was called Take Me There and it was cool except it was Rugrats but I didn't like it with all that nickelodeon nonsense it would be a good song without it being tailored to be in the movie

anyway I just wanted to wish Teddy Riley a happy birthday because hot celebrities deserve to have good birthdays cuz it's always nice to wish people happy birthday