Happy Birthday Aaliyah

today would've been Aaliyah Haughton's 35th birthday




I remember in 2000 and 2001 all I would see on TRL and hear on the radio was Aaliyah


then Aaliyah got in that terrible plane crash after she finished filming the video for Rock The Boat

the crew left earlier than they had planned because the video was finished early. if they left later she would still be here

the plane crash was so bad that Aaliyah is better off dead because if she had survived she would've never been able to talk or walk and would've been on life support forever



when Aaliyah died I was so upset

Aaliyah died 1 week before my birthday


I was so upset for like 2 1/2 weeks and then 9/11 happened and I didn't care about 9/11 because tbh Aaliyah's death affected me more than 9/11 even though I live in NY right near the attack

Aaliyah's tragic death happened first

I felt it first

I can't stop thinking about it to think about 9/11


Aaliyah had a purpose to have so many hits in a short span because she was herself and she's cool and pretty


I still love Aaliyah


I have been to her burial site multiple times

it is right by where I live

it's indoor and air conditioned and there is a soft bench to sit at

Aaliyah was moved out of a private room and into a corridor on the wall a few years ago because Ferncliff Cemetery moves people around every few years if it's needed

in May 2012 I went to visit Aaliyah and I left a little note behind the gate

(Aaliyah's body is inside the wall in the building- people were putting stuff like stickers and writing on her stone so they had to gate it closed but you can still see it and it's opened very briefly twice a year for her birthday and death anniversary)

in August 2012 the note was still there

I hope Aaliyah read my note

I signed the note as "PTCruiserUSA"


R.I.P. Aaliyah