Anthony Hamilton

today is Anthony Hamilton's birthday!!!!!

Anthony Hamilton is 43 years old but it's ok he's still hot

he is also 5'6" which is hot because short guys are hot bc I don't have to look up to lust over them or talk to them

Anthony Hamilton has a very deep and raspy voice but it's hot and rare and more people need to listen to him ok

a lot of people don't know this but Anthony Hamilton is in Why by Jadakiss


this was a huge breakthrough for Anthony Hamilton even though he had 2 albums released previously to this song but it still brought more attention towards him and his future albums

my favorite song with Anthony Hamilton is So In Love by Jill Scott

it's such a good video and the song is good


idk what my favorite Anthony Hamilton song is it may be Woo or Charlene idk they are all good

he's hot


happy birthday Anthony Hamilton