happy birthday Trey Songz

today is Trey Songz's 30th birthday

trey songz looking hot.jpg


his mom had him at 17 years old thank god for teen pregnancy 

teen pregnancy blessing.jpg

for the last 30 days Trey Songz did a 30 acts of kindness challenge leading up to his 30th birthday and he looked hot for each act of kindness

trey songz looking hot with brown paper bags.jpg

look at that smile


Trey Songz celebrated his 30th birthday in Malibu last weekend with hot Chris Brown and hot Kid Ink and Sevyn Streeter and he and Chris Brown are also touring together I wish I could go but I'm not paying $450 for shitty seats ok sorry but I will wait to see these two hot guys

trey songz 30th birthday.jpg

he is so hot I like his new album Trigga it's good


yesterday was Thanksgiving and I'm sorry but his birthday must suck with it being on Thanksgiving every few years I mean I know your pain with my birthday being labor day every few years but it's ok because last year his birthday was on Thanksgiving and I corrected everyone saying it's Trey Day because Trey Songz is more important than boring history that nobody remembers which is most likely all inaccurate


VH1 Soul played his Soul Story today and I didn't think they would but they did because he's hot and I am very happy because Trey Songz deserves it he's perfect look at his face he is literally an angel

Trey Songz was a beautiful child and I want a baby that looks exactly like him or Miguel because look at his smile I need that in my life everyday it's perfect

newborn trey songz.jpg
trey songz as a perfect 18 month old.jpg

I just want Trey Songz to know I love him ok I hope you see this 

happy birthday Trey Songz I made this for you because you're hot