i by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar has been all over the place lately for his new single, 'i'

it samples Who's That Lady by the Isley Brothers which is why a lot of people like the song because everyone loves when old songs get sampled in hip hop songs


the song is ok but then after about 3 minutes it just sucks and goes way too downhill and Kendrick Lamar is shouting and you can't understand him and he just sounds like a bug way too much and I lose interest and move onto the next song

the video sucks you can't even pay attention to it because it's so dark can we please turn up the exposure or light a match because I can't see a thing I feel like I'm in the 2003 NYC blackout all over again

Kendrick Lamar was on Saturday Night Live last night and everyone won't shut the fuck up about it because people still think that show is funny but it's not and I just watched the video of his performance and I just can't like this song

it doesn't even look like him and he's talking way too fast like he's on speed and it's just a really bad performance and song

he is also wearing the same thing he wears in the video

I'm trying really hard to like Kendrick Lamar but idk if I can do it I mean he was in the remix of How Many Drinks? by Miguel and that song is hot because it's Miguel and everything but what the fuck Kendrick Lamar you really need to try harder

he is also hot ok


this song is the second coming of Happy


Kendrick Lamar wants to be Pharrell

kendrick lamar and pharrell are the same person.jpg


think about it


I will get to Pharrell later on in the future but this isn't a good thing to do


kendrick lamar i.jpg

I mean come on


I'm finished now, this is only just the beginning