a lot of people don't know who YG is

I'll tell you who he is

he's hot

YG looking hot.jpg

he's 24 and he is skinny and hot and black but he's light skinned and he is covered in tattoos but that's ok because he's still hot even though I do not like a lot of tattoos but Kid Ink is also hot with his tattoos

YG has a hit song entitled My Nigga

it's good

this is probably in the top 20 of best songs in the 2010s I swear just listen to it

I can never get sick of this song it's so good and look how hot this video is omg

yg ironing and looking extremely hot omg im done.jpg

this is every woman's dream seeing a hot guy doing regular household things like licking a stamp and mailing a letter or ironing or stirring a pot of spaghetti sauce on the stove or changing the trash bag you have no idea how hot this is and in addition of these things being really hot bc hot guys do them it's hot because look how gorgeous YG is


YG likes to smoke weed and that's ok because he is good and gives back to the community like a good samaritan

YG reading a tiny book and looking hot.jpg

look how hot he looks reading a book to children omg this is amazing look at his smile he is thoroughly enjoying that story


you listen to YG a lot without realising it because he is the one saying DJ Mustard's tag in a lot of hot songs on the charts in the last 18 months. he is the one saying "Mustard on the beat, ho!"

see I bet you didn't know that

he also shouts in a lot of songs "it's YG 4 hunnid" because his mixtape is called 4 Hunnid Degreez and it's good and because once again he is hot and he can do whatever he wants and he is being unique and hot

one of his newer singles is Do It To Ya and it's really hot and the video is hot because they are enjoying the summer at the pool with a really old video camera capturing this moment of hot guys basking in the sun



YG is also a featured artist on a lot of songs including an alternate version of nEXt by Sevyn Streeter

the original remix has Kid Ink and omg it's like a battle between the hot guys with full body tattoos and Sevyn Streeter clearly couldn't just pick one hot guy with full body tattoos so she made two separate videos for one each

idk which one is hotter but I'm more used to the Kid Ink one because I've seen that one a lot more but in reality it's a draw because hot guys cannot defeat each other


I can't wait for more songs by YG because he's really hot and I need to be on a permanent instant radar for hot guy content ok please support my hot guy cause I need this