today is Tyrese Gibson's birthday

tyrese looking hot with a slim fit shirt and a knit cap.jpg

he is 2 days younger than John Legend

Tyrese is hot

tyrese gibson's hot abs.jpg

he has an amazing body with extremely hot abs but with a really dumb tattoo around his belly button but he is also on the list of guys that look good with no hair


Tyrese is also an actor and his acting career took off in 2001, years after his first album was released and right around when the 2nd album came out


he's hot and last winter I kept thinking about Tyrese a lot I do not know why but I always thought about Tyrese and had Sweet Lady stuck in my head

Sweet Lady is probably his most popular song

Nobody Else is good


he does not have a lot of singles but 4 years ago the hottest male R&B supergroup TGT formed and it's Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank

Tyrese is hot

Ginuwine is hot

Tank is hot

TGT aka Tyrese Ginuwine and Tank.jpg


the songs they released were ok but they reminded me way too much of Dru Hill but I hope Tyrese releases another album himself soon


happy birthday Tyrese you're hot