happy birthday El DeBarge

today is El DeBarge's 53rd birthday

that's ok

he's still hot

el debarge.jpg


El DeBarge was a part of the family group DeBarge and he sang vocals on the hit song Rhythm Of The Night

this is my favorite music video I love it it's so fun

idk how anyone could thumbs down that video or not like that song wtf is wrong with you are you sick in the head or something this song is so good the video is cute

if I'm in a bad mood I can listen to that song or watch the video and I'm immediately better I swear it's perfect it's like Miguel in 1985

Miguel was born in 1985

I bet Miguel was a hot baby on the ultrasound


after a few years of that, El DeBarge started doing solo work with Chanté Moore and other people including Babyface

his voice is really soft and hot

omg his voice is so hot I can't handle this

El DeBarge is hot

I recently got a new cactus and I named it Pat after El DeBarge because his middle name is Patrick and El DeBarge is really hot


please never change


I love you Eldra