Brian McKnight

today is Brian McKnight's birthday

he's 45 years old

he's hot


I always get Brian McKnight and Carl Thomas confused 

and I always get Brian McKnight and Jordan Knight confused even though one is black and one is white

idk why


anyway Brian McKnight is cool he's from New York just like me so he probably knows me he's probably seen me on the road since I'm a PT Cruiser in New York


Brian McKnight has one of the sexiest and smoothest voices in R&B and Soul he's gorgeous too

he literally never ages which is perfect

Anytime is such a hot song and the video is hot omg he's walking into the door in the beginning and I'm gonna lose it because it's Brian McKnight saying "hello honey I'm home and this song is playing and it's hot so let's have sex and never stop my name is Brian McKnight"

Back To One is a hot song too omg I had this song stuck in my head for over a month in 2013 but it wasn't painfully stuck in my head because Brian McKnight has a smooth voice

look at Brian McKnight venturing out in the jungle he's so tough and brave and hot omg g-d bless his acting in this video because he dies in the video RIP

Love Of My Life is a hot song and I like the video a lot because of the first shot with Brian McKnight in the massive shape it looks like an ice cube but we all know it's just one of those mysterious shapes featured in 90% of music videos that took place in the early 2000s

in 2013 he released a new album and his hit single Sweeter was released and omg that song is so hot he's playing an acoustic guitar and only a few hot guys like Babyface and Usher and Robin Thicke can pull that off in a video but now Brian McKnight joins that club

overall Brian McKnight is just hot and he's still gorgeous as ever now than he was in the early 1990s I'm so happy he exists

happy birthday Brian McKnight I hope you are surfing the web on a 2002 iMac

brian mcknight surfing the web on a 2002 imac.jpg