Marsha Ambrosius

Marsha Ambrosius' 2nd studio album, Friends & Lovers, was released on July 15th, 2014

it's good

I have it

Marsha Ambrosius was a part of Floetry, a duo made up of her and Natalie Stewart

Marsha was the Songstress and Natalie was the Floacist



they had a song with Mos Def

Mos Def is gorgeous

Miguel is hot too




the group lasted for 10 years until 2007 when everything came to a halt 

in 2011 Marsha Ambrosius released her first album, Late Nights & Early Mornings

that album is good

Marsha Ambrosius' videos all have a message

Far Away is about suicide and suicide prevention

Late Nights & Early Mornings is about having unprotected sex with someone HIV positive and then getting it

in 2012 she collaborated with Daley and had a song called Alone Together it's very good the video is hot and Daley is hot too

in 2013 she had Cold War which was about a couple struggling for money so they stole wallets but got caught

Marsha Ambrosius had a song with NE-YO called Without You and it was about a breakup or a long distance relationship or something idk I think it's a breakup but NE-YO is hot


on her new album she still continues to keep it real

Run is about breaking free from everything holding you back from changing your life for the better

Marsha also covered the Sadé hit Stronger Than Pride and that is such a good song omg it's probably my favorite song on her new album it's very calming

Marsha Ambrosius also lost a ton of weight you go girl


I like her

please have a collaboration with Miguel I need this