Chico DeBarge

today is Chico DeBarge's birthday

he is 48 today


I don't care he's still hot

Chico DeBarge is the only one in the DeBarge family that doesn't sing falsetto

the DeBarge family is not hispanic despite names such as "Chico" and "El"

Chico DeBarge's real name is Jonathan which is a hot name like Q-Tip's real name omg

Q-Tip's name is Jonathan Davis just like the singer from Korn except he's white and Q-Tip is black and hot

Chico DeBarge is gorgeous he's so fucking hot in when he was 19 in his video for Talk To Me


look how skinny he is too omg

look how sexy this artist is omg

his hair is perfect

he reminds me a lot of Miguel but I mean what doesn't remind me of Miguel

his eyes are close to the shape of Miguel's eyes omg Miguel's eyes are to die for


then Chico DeBarge got out of the 80s then 10 years later he entered the late 90s and had songs such as Virgin and No Guarantee featuring Joe

the video is very Brian McKnight-esque all videos from 1998-2000 are all similar because you can just see a screenshot of the video with nobody there and you don't know if it's a Brian McKnight video or a Carl Thomas video

but Joe is very hot


Virgin is such a hot song omg Chico DeBarge fuck me please


then Chico DeBarge and Redman and Erick Sermon had Sooperman Lover and as always this video was filled with hot guys

Redman is gorgeous

Chico DeBarge has such a sexy voice omg


happy birthday Chico DeBarge you're hot