New Flame

it's been nearly 2 months since the music video for New Flame has been released

it's hot


Chris Brown is gorgeous and omg Usher takes control of the video

look at Usher patting down his body and moving omg I wish I were airport security and I had to search him omg his hips are amazing I hope he does not have any hip issues when he is older he's too perfect to have problems

usher is an angel.jpg
usher is an angel 2.jpg

Chris Brown's shrilling voice is so fucking sexy omg

Chris Brown has a reappearing grill in his mouth all throughout the video it's hot and so is his nose ring omg he looks so hot with it


fact: guys look so hot with nose rings

usher chris brown burning x new flame.jpg

I just want to clear up that neither Chris Brown or Usher are members of the KKK regardless of what people think with this video. Yes I understand there is a giant burning X but that is because Chris Brown's new album is entitled X and it's on fire because the song is called NEW FLAME and wood burning is common on the beach...which is where the giant burning X is on in the video

chris brown and usher looking sexy in front of the burning x in new flame.jpg

they are wearing white because they are gifts from god sent down to earth they are both sexy angels they are so pure in this video because there is nothing wrong with the song or the video because it's perfect because Chris Brown and Usher are in it omg I want to be one of those girls that are guarding them in the video I want that to be my career

chris brown surrounded by girls new flame.jpg
usher surrounded by girls in new flame.jpg

People are also saying that the woman dressed in red with her face covered represents the grand wizard of the KKK. this is not true because this is the 'special' girl Usher is making moves toward in the video and it's clearly who he is singing about ok

usher lady in red new flame.jpg


there is very fast dancing in the video with Chris Brown and the backup dancers and I mean extremely fast and no this is not sped up this is Chris Brown's normal dancing movement speeds because he is perfect and he is clearly an angel sent from above as proven in this post by me

chris brown dancing fast in new flame.jpg

I have to stop writing this post now because it's getting way too hot for me to continue but anyway this song is very good and now I'm having a hard time choosing which Chris Brown song is my favorite cuz if it's still She Ain't You then New Flame is an extremely close second


Chris Brown you will always be perfect to me