Luke James

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Luke James' long awaited self titled debut album was released today 

Like I stated in a previous post, I would buy his album the day it's released.  Instead, I preordered a signed copy the day it was available to preorder (June 13th, his birthday) and it arrived Saturday.  I didn't listen to it or open it until 11pm last night, out of respect.

the album is very good

the booklet has the lyrics to all the songs which I'm happy to see but I'm surprised it has it because many artists don't have that anymore for their albums.

I previously stated that Luke James will become a big name.  Beyoncé chose him to headline with her for the 2nd half of her tour, and he was featured in People magazine as the Sexiest Man Alive of the week.  (and this was all way before he announced his album's release date!) He will only become bigger from here on out.

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his 3 year old, GRAMMY nominated, debut single, I Want You, is featured on the album


Marvin Gaye-inspired single Make Love To Me also made the album, nearly 2 years old


Insane, Dancing In The Dark, and Exposé are very good songs.  I won't post a link to the songs because I want you to get his album and listen to him.


His current single Options (featuring Rick Ross) is a very soulful song, and once again it's another hit

Exit Wounds is a very powerful song about a relationship ending and it has gotten a lot of attention recently


Luke James covered Sam Smith's Stay With Me which let me just tell you his version is a lot better than Sam Smith's omfg it's perfect


I'm very upset that I.O.U. isn't on the album because that's my favorite song of his... but it's ok cuz not everyone deserves to hear that song




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