Mary J. Blige

Today is Mary J. Blige's 44th birthday

Mary J. Blige.jpg


Mary J. Blige has been a known name since her debut album was released when she was 21 years old

Mary J. Blige lives near me she was born in the Bronx and grew up in Yonkers and went to Roosevelt High School until she dropped out in 11th grade

it's very hard to believe that she's only 44 years old because she released so many hits and won over 100 awards and 9 Grammys and she never looked "young" even when starting out

my favorite song is I Can Love You and she is only 26 in that video and she looks a lot older

in 1992 her debut album What's The 411? was released and it is very good

her first single was You Remind Me and then Real Love

all of her albums are really good but her latest full length album My Life II... The Journey Continues (Act 1) is my favorite album and the title hints that she's not done and she's going to have something very soon because that one came out in 2011 and it's 2015 now

in 2014 she released an album called The London Sessions which had songs with people from London I mean it's ok but I'm still waiting for Part II

her first ever soundtrack was released in June 2014 and it was for Think Like A Man Too (the same name) and my favorite song from that album is Suitcase because it's so real

I was wondering this weekend if VH1 Soul would play her Soul Story because it hasn't played in 4 years because of the length and today at 9AM it came on and lasted until 2pm.  She has the longest Soul Story out of any artist even Michael Jackson


happy birthday Mary J. Blige