today is Sadé's birthday

she is 56 years old



Sadé is actually a band but the singer is named Sadé and she has people playing instruments for her music because she's too busy singing


I like her

she is very pretty

her voice is very soft and calming

if I'm ever upset or mad I can listen to her and feel good and fall asleep

Sadé's most well known song is Smooth Operator

I like that song but it's not my favorite

my favorite song is the Sweetest Taboo


I also like Paradise I love everything about this video for this except the dog in the video is dead now RIP


seriously how can you hate this video look at the setting and the costumes it's perfect the location is great A+ for this director


Sadé's latest album was Soldier Of Love back in 2010 and she caused quite a buzz when she went on her world tour in 2010 to 2011 and made an album from that

her last album is very good too


Sadé has always looked the same and she had a kid and she still looks great she doesn't look 56 years old good job Sadé

I hope Sadé releases another album very soon


happy birthday Sadé

Sadé in a denim button down shirt.jpg