Faith Evans killed her husband

hello everyone I am here to tell you what Faith Evans did to her husband, Christopher Wallace, also known as the Notorious B.I.G., or "Biggie"

she killed him

Faith Evans, spouse killer.jpg


When Biggie died, Faith Evans was NOT sympathetic at all.  It was like she was hiding in the shadows in the corner.  Hmm, that seems a bit strange.  Other famous murderers (Casey Anthony) reacted the same way when a loved one suddenly died.

Faith Evans also foreshadowed her plans to kill her husband into her music career.  Have you listened to her songs?  They seem very suspicious!


You Used To Love Me (I Remember)

In this song, Faith Evans reminisced what it felt like to be loved.  Clearly she wasn't happy with the marriage and wanted out.  What does she do?  She starts planning her husband's murder.


Soon As I Get Home

What were you planning on doing when you got home, Faith Evans?  Perhaps going to kill Biggie?

"Baby I'll do what I gotta do...." 


Love Like This

This song came out a year after Biggie was dead.  This is a celebratory anthem.  This song doesn't seem appropriate to release right after your husband got murdered, no?


Stressed Out

This isn't her own song, it's by A Tribe Called Quest, but she is featured on the track.  You really know how it feels to be stressed out? In which way did you make that thing work out eventually? By murdering your husband? YUP


I'll be missing you

Again, this song was by 112 and Faith Evans is featured on the track.  This song is a tribute to her husband.  Faith Evans must had been dealing with his death like it was no big deal to immediately go into the recording studio (less than 3 months later) and record a song about Biggie's death. You are not fooling anyone.


Can't believe

The guilt was really hitting Faith Evans on this one.  She teamed up with Carl Thomas to make it seem not at all obvious that she killed her husband, but it's not that easy to mask your crime.



This song was about what Faith Evans would've done differently if she were to kill her husband again.  This time, she got divorced.



Here in 2010 Faith Evans is playing the sympathy card.  Little does she want everyone to find out, is that she is the one to blame for Christopher Wallace's death!


15 years later, Faith Evans releases this song.  Thinking nobody would notice the meaning of the song, she spills the truth on her 2012 album, R&B Divas.  Don't worry, I noticed.



The guilt was really eating Faith Evans alive in 2014.  She's subtly coming clean about the crime; she killed Biggie.  She distracts fans with guest vocals from Missy Elliott and Sharaya J.


Now that I have exposed Faith Evans' crime in her music, it's time for me to share her personal life.

In October 1996, Faith Evans had Christopher Wallace's only son.  Right before the "sudden death" of Biggie, they separated.  Months after Biggie's "tragic murder," Faith Evans was pregnant again.  She had her 2nd child 15 months after her husband's death.  Now, if you were grieving the sudden loss of your husband, your son's father, would you really sleep around and commit to another relationship so soon? Hmmm...

This seemed like no big deal to Faith Evans, because later that year she married again.  She now has 3 kids and the only thing she says about her first born, Biggie's only son, is that he "looks just like his father" and "he wants to follow in his father's footsteps."  Clearly this kid isn't important to her.  She's bored with her first husband's offspring.  I'm surprised she's not planning his murder.


Verdict: Faith Evans murdered her husband