Miguel releases video for "Waves"

Yesterday I posted about Miguel's video teaser for Waves and what I thought about it.  Today at 9:00AM, the full video was released and it caught me off guard because I thought it would've been released on his birthday, October 23rd.


This video is so hot omg ok so Miguel enters this house party through a pantry or something and Destinado a Morir is playing and he opens up the refrigerator door and it's actually a real door to the party and everyone knows him and MIguel is looking hot as always in a leather jacket.  Miguel takes a sip of Tequila from the bottle and the night flashes in front of his eyes and then suddenly he's on stage and the song begins

Miguel drinking 1800 Tequila from the bottle in the Waves video.jpg


Meanwhile he's walking through the party and everyone is greeting him because he's Miguel and you should always stop what you're doing and greet Miguel because it's proper ediquette for life and the video cuts back and forth to Miguel on stage singing and when it's not on the stage it's Miguel having drinks with people because he's the life of the party

some girl giving Miguel a kiss on the cheek in the Waves video.jpg
Miguel having drinks with everyone at the party in the Waves video.jpg

when the second verse starts Miguel is shirtless and he's moving around and making wave gestures with his arms and he looks really hot but then he gets submerged into the water 

this is when it gets really hot

Miguel looks so hot falling into the crystal clear water with the girls and their silk scarves omg Miguel looks gorgeous in just jeans I've never seen him barefoot except on the beach but this isn't the beach this is a hot music video

Miguel falling into the water in the Waves video.jpg
Miguel being caressed underwater in the Waves video.jpg

different angles of the submerge is shown and the girls with the silk scarves are caressing him underwater which is hot and then it goes right to the part from the teaser which is still hot 4 days later

Miguel underwater and looking hot.jpg

there is a part where the girl is licking a popsicle which I have never heard of there being ice cream at a house party like this before but this is Miguel's video and fantasy and he can do whatever he wants because he's hot and hot guys control what we see

at the same time there is a shot of a girl licking the side of Miguel's face, including his beard. it's hot idc

the girl licking the popsicle in Miguel's video for Waves.jpg
a girl licking the side of Miguel's face including his beard in the Waves video.jpg


Miguel is back on stage and all his friends are there having the time of their lives and other musicians are there too looking hot like J. Cole and Wale and Jesse Boykins III 

Miguel is shown at the party looking confused and everything gets blurry like he's wasted and he's shown with a lot of different girls and he's so happy with everything and he whispers sweet nothings into one girl's ear and it's so hot

Miguel looking confused in the Waves video but he's still hot.jpg
Miguel and his perfect smile whispering sweet nothings into a girl's ear in the Waves video.jpg

he's back on stage leading the crowd and making them get excited for the bridge and it's exactly how he's like in person when you see him he's so happy and full of energy and his spirit is out of control and his band is hot too

Miguel having a good time at the party in the Waves video omg look how hot he is.jpg

of course this isn't a party without a blunt and Miguel is shown smoking a blunt and then someone whacks a piñata filled with money at the party and then it's back to Miguel smoking a blunt and then the crowd and then Miguel underwater and looking hot and then back to the girl Miguel whispered to and he emits smoke into her mouth with a kiss and then it continues to flip flop back with the stage and the crowd and Miguel is now crowdsurfing and everyone is having a good time including Miguel

Miguel crowd surfing in the Waves video.jpg

the video ends with Miguel underwater going up to the surface for air

Miguel underwater and going up to the surface for air in the Waves video.jpg

this video is so hot omg thank you Miguel