Miguel releases video teaser for "Waves"

I am not going to hold a thing back this 30 second video is one of the hottest things I've seen on the Internet this year


2 days ago on Friday October 16th Miguel released a 30 second teaser video for Waves and omg it has taken me 48 hours to process this all because there are so many things going through my mind when I see this video

Miguel is submerged in a large body of water filled with women and silk scarves looking hot af

Miguel submerged in a body of water looking hot af in the Waves video teaser.jpg
Miguel looking gorgeous af in the Waves video underwater.jpg

and then there are shots of a girl licking a popsicle and a girl licking the side of Miguel's face right on his beard and these shots are passed back and forth twice

a girl licking a melting popsicle in Miguel's Waves video.jpg
Miguel having the side of his face including his beard licked in the Waves video.jpg

then Miguel is in a small room with a stage and it's crowded af and J. Cole is there dancing with Miguel and so is Peggy Noland while Miguel is on stage and Miguel's hot band is there looking hot on stage

Miguel and J. Cole in the Waves video both looking hot but Miguel is hotter.jpg
Peggy Noland and Miguel's hot bassist Jayme on stage in the Waves video.jpg

there are shots of Miguel shirtless being escorted through the crowd at this party by a girl and he's being passed around in the crowd like a dutch which means he's also attending his own party that's he's playing at

Miguel looking gorgeous as always as he hugs a girl in the Waves video.jpg
Miguel being passed around in the Waves video.jpg

maybe Miguel has an identical stunt double and the real Miguel is on stage but then I realised there is only 1 Miguel so idk what this could be

Miguel looks mind boggled af and everything is distorted so this is probably a hallucination probably having to do with Miguel falling into the water and being unconscious because he's drowning or w/e but he's not really drowning he's being hot and having the time of his life in this fantasy hallucination or it could be really good acid

Miguel looking confused af in the Waves video.jpg
Miguel looking hot and confused in the Waves video.jpg

a really hot part in the video is when Miguel whispers sweet nothings in a girl's ear.. "I'm gonna ride that wave"

Miguel looking hot whispering in a girl's ear in the Waves video teaser.jpg


this video is going to be so good and hot and I hope it's released a week later on his birthday which is on Friday October 23rd because that would be a good time to release it


but it could all not have to do with the video at all just like Coffee's teaser.  there was no motorcycle in that video.  Miguel loves to surprise us

Miguel looking beautiful as usual when he's on stage in the Waves video teaser.jpg