happy 30th birthday Miguel

Today is Miguel Jontel Pimentel's 30th birthday

Miguel holding balloons for Dru's birthday.jpg

I love Miguel more than anything or anyone else in the world everything about him is perfect he never has anything bad to say about anything he's always positive or has a good attitude and his 3rd album just came out 4 months ago and it's perfect just like him and his other 2 albums and I haven't listened to anything else since it was released just like I did when Kaleidoscope Dream was released 3 years ago

Miguel looking gorgeous in a photoshoot in summer 2015.jpg

I met Miguel in August and he smells so good and he's the nicest person I ever met in my life and everything about him is perfect it just confirmed it when I was standing next to him
Miguel genuinely cares about people and you can detect that when he speaks to you from the look in his eyes and his body language and the tone of his voice which basically means Miguel is a Real Man and cares about the well being of other people especially me because he told me he wanted me to get home safe and he had the look of concern on his face because I'm very small and I was by myself and like a month later he wished me happy birthday on Twitter

when Miguel has kids he's going to be one of those hot dads that volunteers in the kid's classroom at school that all the moms fawn over but it doesn't matter bc he's being a hot dad and I can't wait until this happens and the moms get shut down

Miguel smiling and looking perfect and gorgeous as usual in white because he's literally an angel.jpg

When I met Miguel 2 months ago I've been happy ever since then and I haven't had it wear off of me yet because Miguel continues to do things that make me happy like releasing new videos and taking shirtless pics and releasing interviews of him talking to someone important

Miguel doesn't want people to think of him as someone rich and famous like a celebrity with too much money because he's just like any other person like me or you except he's perfect and after I met him the first time I realised that and it shows with his Instagram and other social media posts that he's just like everyone else but hot and perfect

Miguel isn't done leaving his footprints all around the world because this is only the beginning and he is about to explode and in a few years you're gonna be able to say his name to someone and they won't say "who?" back in response and have to give an explanation he's gonna be a single name reference like Obama or Beyoncé or Gandhi but better

Miguel looking hot in the studio making more good music.jpg

happy 30th birthday Miguel I love you