The Weeknd is overrated

For the past 3 years I have planned on writing about The Weeknd but I kept putting it off until I felt the time was right

now is the time


The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye, is a hot guy from Canada with a really soft voice that's really hot and his music is good.  He was better back in 2012 when nobody knew him and his hair was shorter.

The Weeknd in 2012 when he had normal length hair.jpg
The Weeknd when he used to look hot.jpg


His 'signature look' is his giant matted dread lock perching from the top of his head, resembling a toddler's arm.  I am not sure if he washes his hair or not but based on the appearance in photos, it doesn't look like he does anything to it so I'm guessing this smells really bad and that's gross

The Weeknd with his gross matted dread lock hair.jpg


When that mommy porn book-to-film movie came out (50 Shades of Grey) The Weeknd had a song that was featured on the soundtrack.  'Earned It' isn't a good song but that doesn't stop contestants on American Idol from lusting over it and covering it and playing it nonstop continuously on the air.  

The Weeknd's new album, 'Beauty Behind the Madness' released in September, and people are acting like this is a Frank Ocean album and won't shut up about it lol guys relax this isn't his first album I assume you never heard Trilogy before

'I Can't Feel My Face' isn't a good song and the video sucks and people need to stop talking about The Weeknd because he's going too mainstream like iHeartRadio mainstream where this is the point of no return and it's going to just get worse from here.  He is so fucking overrated I didn't think it was worth writing about this but I decided it was time.

Soon in the future The Weeknd will collaborate with other extremely overexposed artists like Taylor Swift and when this happens, I am going to pack my bags and RUN from this mess and avoid it as much as I can.  That's when you know you've hit a new low.  Taylor Swift. 


Stop obsessing over his gross matted head of hair it's disgusting and it has to weigh at least 5 lbs or maybe more because it can't be washed and conditioned so there are pebbles and grains of sand in it like a sedimentary rock

3 years ago I thought he had one of the best voices in music but now after listening to his new album I noticed he sounds the same on each song.  No change in vocal pitch.  Not good


attn Abel Tesfaye please go back to the Wicked Games era and cut your hair and make more hot and mysterious music like this song and the other songs on Trilogy please thx in advance