Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Here's a list of things I'm thankful for:



Miguel's abs

Miguel's abs mirrored.jpg
Miguel's hot abs during a workout.jpg
Miguel taking a selfie and showing off how hot his abs are.jpg

Miguel's smile

Miguel's gorgeous smile omfg.jpg
Miguel's perfect smile as he covers his eyes with his hand.jpg
Miguel's gorgeous smile omfg.jpg



Miguel's hot selfies

Miguel taking a selfie in an orange jacket.jpg
Miguel taking a selfie of him in a shirt with holes in it.jpg
Miguel taking a selfie on the airplane and looking gorgeous.jpg



Miguel's gorgeous eyes

Miguel taking a selfie of his gorgeous face.jpg
Miguel showing his gorgeous eyes while wearing a cheetah print shirt.jpg
Miguel taking a selfie in the dark with only his eyes shown and it looks hot.jpg



Miguel's hot personality

Miguel showing his hot personality while on tour.jpg
Miguel driving the tour bus and looking hot af.jpg
Miguel looking so hot on the red carpet.jpg

Miguel's hot beard

Miguel taking a selfie showing his hot beard and his gorgeous mouth omfg I'm done.jpg
Miguel looking so hot in early 2011.jpg
Miguel taking a selfie in a Scorpio hat and showing us his hot beard.jpg



Miguel's hot sense of style

Miguel looking gorgeous in a mirror pic with a leather hat on.jpg
Miguel looking so hot after brunch in LA.jpg
Miguel looking hot in a denim jacket and skeleton pants.jpg



Miguel's hot talent

Miguel looking gorgeous without a shirt on while playing guitar on stage in Paris.jpg
Miguel looking gorgeous and perfect on stage on tour.jpg
Miguel singing in a flannel shirt looking gorgeous.jpg

Miguel's hot album artwork

Miguel looking hot on his All I Want Is You album artwork.jpg
Miguel looking gorgeous on his Kaleidoscope Dream album cover.jpg
Miguel looking gorgeous on his Wildheart album cover.jpg

Miguel's hot hobbies

Miguel zip lining for his 27th birthday.jpg
Miguel looking incredibly gorgeous on his motorcycle.jpg
Miguel looking really hot playing pool.jpg

Miguel's hot tattoos

Miguel's kink tattoo.jpg
Miguel getting a skeleton tattoo and looking hot in the tattoo chair.jpg
Miguel looking hot and smiling during a tattoo session.jpg



Miguel's caring heart

Miguel at the food drive looking gorgeous.jpg
Miguel looking hot and holding cinnamon bagels at the food drive.jpg
Miguel holding bread at the food drive and looking hot doing so.jpg




I'm thankful for Miguel