happy birthday Bob Marley

Today would've been Bob Marley's 70th birthday


Bob Marley was born in Jamaica to two teen parents, both just 19 and 18 years old age

Bob Marley had only one wife and many, many kids

he had 14 kids from 11 different women yet his wife went along with it all


Nobody is here to find out the music history of Bob Marley.  Let's just get to the good stuff


Bob Marley before he overdosed on marijuana.jpg


In 1977 Bob Marley felt sick.  He went to the doctor and found out he had cancer from an infection underneath his toenail.  If that happens then it's really bad because that never happens


Bob Marley, being a Rastafarian, smoked weed.  a lot of weed.  Bob Marley's life revolved around his dreadlocks.  When he found out he was sick, he refused all medical treatment to avoid losing his dreadlocks of love.  I blame the marijuana for making him obsessive.

Bob Marley's whole life consisted on sex and drugs.  When life gets too out of control you turn for the worst.

Bob Marley suffering from marijuana use.jpg

In 1981, after a long, hard battle with cancer, he died.  He spent his final days smoking weed all day every day.  So essentially, Bob Marley died from marijuana.  Smoking marijuana led to hygienic neglect, resulting in that gross toe infection which developed into cancer.  Bob Marley died from marijuana overdose.

RIP Bob Marley, One Love (marijuana)

Bob Marley in the Rastafarian rainbow.jpg