happy birthday Brandy

today is Brandy's 36th birthday


when Brandy was 14 she had a voice no other 14 year old had and still there is no 14 year old that comes close

she is known for her signature box braids

Brandy and her box braids.jpg


Brandy has a lot of hit songs and she had her own show on UPN

Brandy is Moesha

Brandy also secretly dated Wanya Morris from Boyz II Men and I don't blame her bc he's hot

they had a song together too it was Brokenhearted and the video is nice bc of the puppies


The Boy Is Mine is very good it was number 1 on the chart for 13 weeks which is the longest any song on Atlantic Records has ever had

she also won her first GRAMMY award for that song

in 2012 Monica & Brandy had a part 2 to The Boy Is Mine and it's It All Belongs To Me


ok enough of that let me get real here


Brandy has a brother and it's Ray J and Ray J is gorgeous idc if he only had like 2 songs HE IS HOT

Ray J looking hot.jpg
Ray J looking hot.jpg

look at that face

they had their own show together which is the best of both worlds because Brandy is so talented and has a good voice and Ray J is overall just hot


ok so anyway Brandy's biggest influence in her life is Whitney Houston and they even were casted in a movie together when Brandy was in her teens

Tragically on Brandy's birthday in 2012 Whitney Houston died

Brandy dedicated her album 211 to Whitney Houston by naming it after her death date and her own birthday

Brandy is so nice


happy birthday Brandy 

Brandy wearing leather in 2012.jpg