Ciara's new single, 'I Bet'

In January, Ciara released her newest single, 'I Bet' for her upcoming album, Jackie

The song is clearly a stab at Future, her ex-fiancé and father of her child, whom cheated on her.  Ciara is being bitter towards Future for cheating, which is understandable, but she's taking it too far for bashing the other girls' appearances.  You know they're gonna hear this song.  Ciara basically made a Kelly Rowland 'Dirty Laundry' 2.0

This is something I would expect to see from Keri Hilson

This is gross because she made a diss track for her son's father, and he is in his life.  What happens when he hears this song when he's older?  Not cool, Ciara.

Ciara in I Bet being mean to Future.jpg

The video sucks.  Don't get me wrong, Ciara is beautiful and looks great with no makeup on (she's one of the prettiest and attractive women in the R&B game tbh) but wtf is she wearing, I know she's supposed to be a ballerina inside a jewelry box but I'm p sure ballerinas don't wear what she's wearing.  And why does this look like a low budget video, you know she's loaded and could do better.  Remember Body Party?

what the fuck is Ciara wearing in I Bet.jpg

I don't understand why the TV version for the video of the song is not censored considering the words 'bitch' and 'ass' are never allowed to be aired on the radio unless referring to the animals


Ciara what are you doing you're making yourself look really low class and she's extremely jealous of Future's current relationships and this isn't a women empowerment song like Pretty Girl Rock and she's making this bad for herself in the future (no pun intended) and she's making it seem like Future is a deadbeat dad and he's nothing but a sperm donor, like he hit it and quit it.  This is not the case.  Think about your son, Ciara.


this song sucks