Omarion's new single, "Post To Be"

Omarion's new song "Post To Be" features Chris Brown and Jhené Aiko

Omarion and Chris Brown and Jhené Aiko in the Post To Be video having fun.jpg


the song is extremely hot and good because it's Omarion and Chris Brown and Jhené Aiko is the next up and rising artist from the last 18 months and she's a part of a great song that will give her more publicity and attention that she deserves

when you put Omarion and Chris Brown together you get a good song it's just like Usher and Chris Brown in New Flame you saw how perfect and successful that was

the video is filmed in a giant white room which has been the trend for a lot of videos lately (B.o.B. and Trey Songz's 'Not For Long' and Joe's 'I'd Rather Have A Love') and it also has a car in the video just like the Joe video I mentioned and you all know how I feel about cars

Omarion in the Post To Be video with the car.jpg

Jhené Aiko's verse is really good and Chris Brown's vocals are out of this world as usual and Omarion is looking hot and it's like he never didn't release an album for 4 years

this video is so fun I wish I was there with Omarion and Chris Brown because they are both hot and I need to be around hot guys in order to live

god bless hot guys