the Rihanna-Kanye West-Paul McCartney collaboration, FourFiveSeconds has been out for a month now

my thoughts:


the song sucks

the video is worse

there is no structure to this song

Kanye West wants to be the 5th Beatle

Rihanna's shriek in the beginning of the song is painful

Paul McCartney is no where on the track but the acoustic guitar

Rihanna looks homeless

the video looks like a Gap ad shot through an instagram filter

Kanye West is greedy and wants to do everything; next stop: Hollywood

the largest expense from the video's budget was Rihanna's denim shirt


fourfive seconds of this song sucks.jpg

Paul McCartney is flashed for 2 seconds about 12 times in the video. If I blink my eyes at the right moments I may not even see him in the video

America is raving about how the best of the best collaborated and made a song together. Excuse me what happened with Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney's Say Say Say and the other songs they have?



Paul McCartney looks so fed up with Kanye West's bullshit in the video and he also looks like he has no teeth because he looks emaciated as fuck like a starving kennel dog. If you're a multi-millionaire well into your 70s and you're still making public appearances, you should probably put a little thought into what you look like so you don't walk around looking like a deceased plantain like get botox or something and Paul should just call it quits and live off social security before he keels over and dies in the recording studio as he record his tracks for the next Yeezus album which will probably be called The Second Coming Of Yeezus or something dumb like that


Rihanna's new album is going to suck