Chris Brown reveals he has a secret 9 month old baby

on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015, TMZ revealed that Chris Brown has a secret 9 month old baby girl

18 months ago Chris Brown was off and on with girlfriend Karrueche Tran and not with the 31 year old mother of his lovechild

Chris Brown and his baby girl lovechild.jpg


first off let me just say excuse me baby boomers and liberals please get off my blog's page you can leave by clicking the X in the top right corner since you have Windows but if you somehow have a Mac then press the red circle in the top left corner and if you're browsing on your iPhone please throw it in the garbage because your beloved Obama has an iPhone too and I know that must drive you crazy-

ok now that I have that off my chest let me just say congratulations Chris Brown you are one of the hottest dads in the music industry idc fuck the haters I'm so happy and I can't wait for you to have a boy because the second coming of Christopher Maurice Brown is going to be so hot when he is older omg


third of all please leave Chris Brown alone yes he was with someone but who cares cuz they broke up a lot and it was more than enough time for Chris Brown to have sex with another girl cuz it takes a matter of 3 seconds to pull your panties to the side and Chris Brown probably takes no less than 15 minutes to finish once he gets started it's like taking a 15 minute break at work you can do whatever you want in that time and I doubt that it takes more time than that because he's amazing and he has a huge dick and there is no surprise that the mother of Chris Brown's child picked Chris Brown to have sex with I mean let's face it who would turn down Chris Brown cuz I sure wouldn't

Karrueche Tran just broke up with Chris Brown today because he has a baby and let me just say shame on her for breaking up with Chris Brown for having a child because that means she is shallow and that's basically like telling someone with one arm that you won't marry them because they have one arm and that is LOW.......Karrueche Tran I hope you never have a child and I will love it if the next guy she is together with has a child of his own

and Chris Brown was right cuz these hoes ain't loyal!!!!

I guess Chris Brown was all talk and no show in his remix of Snootie Wild & K Camp's single, Made Me, because he claimed he had a hundred condoms in the condo and he can't have any babies


I'm not gonna lie I'm really jealous because I wanted this I wanted to have a baby with Chris Brown and the 31 year old former model named Nia Gonzalez Amey beat me to it. fml I have to try harder

Chris Brown is going to be an amazing father I'm so excited to watch this little girl grow up and represent #TeamBreezy I'm so happy you have no idea nobody understands my glee right now and Chris Brown is going to put his daughter first just like Biggie always talked about in his songs but hopefully Chris Brown won't get murdered by his (future) wife like Biggie did 

come to think of it did Chris Brown write New Flame for the baby because it sure sounds like it cuz his 9 month daughter is a new flame to spark up his life

it probably is because Chris Brown is mysterious and sexy and likes to lead people on with his songs because he can represent anything he wants in his music because he's so talented and hot


congratulations Chris Brown you made it to the Hot Dad Club

Chris Brown looking hot in the Loyal video.jpg