Lyfe Jennings' new single, "Pretty Is"

Today is the world premiere for Lyfe Jennings' new single, "Pretty Is," corresponding to International Women's Day

Lyfe Jennings looking hot with his shirt unbuttoned.jpg


ever since Lyfe Jennings came out of jail in 2013, his style in music has changed.  He is against bullying with Boomerang, and explains how karma will come back and do its job, and now he's spreading the message to women that you are beautiful and you don't have to work at a strip club or sell yourself to sex in order to feel pretty because you already are.

Lyfe Jennings claims his new album, Tree Of Lyfe, is his most personal album.  He has had one hell of a life, with the majority of his life being spent locked up in jail. He's been out for 2 years and he's telling his story with his new album.

Lyfe Jennings is very underrated, but maybe people will listen to him because of this song.