Sam Smith sucks

Hello everyone.  I'm here to talk about Sam Smith


Sam Smith sucks


When I first heard the name "Sam Smith," I immediately knew this person was from England, just because of his name. 

I was right

Then when I heard his voice, I knew I was right again

I saw a picture of him and then I knew I was right and I was right; he was from England.  He's not hot and if you want to be a successful artist in the music industry then you need to be hot because nobody is going to pay attention to your music if you're ugly

He reminds me of the male Susan Boyle because they're both ugly but everyone thinks their voices are really good but they're not because they're still ugly and looks matter over everything else in the world today

Sam Smith looking ugly.jpg


ok so don't get me wrong Stay With Me is a good song but it's so overplayed and Sam Smith is straining his voice like that man Christina Aguilera and it gets old and overdone after the first song. DON'T DO THAT

Mary J. Blige had a duet with Sam Smith on Stay With Me and I think it's really sad when the 2nd artist is a woman and she sings a song better than the original artist, a man, can.  Why does Sam Smith always sound like he's crying lol is it because he lives in depressing England where it always rains


Sam Smith bellowing gibberish into the microphone.jpg

Lay Me Down is a terrible song I heard it and I literally said "what the fuck is this?" because the song has zero structure but it doesn't matter when you're Sam Smith because everyone just loves you by default I guess; but also I cannot understand one word he's saying because he's just bellowing into the microphone in the recording studio in England but he doesn't care because all the teen girls swoon over his 'dreamy' 'voice'

it's called a speech therapist, Sam Smith. You have a lot of money you can go there I know you can afford it

Sam Smith is basically the English Sean Paul because they both talk like they have marbles in their mouths.  My dream in the future is for Sam Smith and Sean Paul to collaborate and have a song together and the music video isn't allowed to have any subtitles

I can picture Sam Smith sitting at home in his room at like 9PM at night with the lights off and rose petals just scattered everywhere with the little tea lights lit around the room as he's listening to his album and just masturbating to the sound of his own voice.  I really see it

Sam Smith sucks and there's nothing anyone can do but just avoid his music