"Classic Man" by Jidenna

Jidenna's song "Classic Man" featuring Roman GianArthur has been all over the radio 24/7 in the last month

Everybody loves this song

Jidenna looking sorta hot in Classic Man.jpg


Let me just say that Jidenna is hot as fuck because of his hair color and his eye color even though when you have a dark complexion your eyes are hideous if they are blue but he looks hot with it so Jidenna is safe here

now I move on to "Classic Man"

the very beginning of this song is good but then after Jidenna repeats himself it just gets boring and the song gets annoying as fuck and it does not sound good.  Think of 'i' by Kendrick Lamar. It's like that.

The beat of the song sucks but Roman GianArthur's verse is hot but w/e the song is annoying ok and this is coming from me and I'm extremely annoying so if I'm saying that then you KNOW it's bad

Jidenna is extremely hot but his clothing in this video wtf was he thinking.  I thought it was just for Classic Man but then I saw Janelle Monáe's video for Yoga with Jidenna in it and he's wearing literally the exact same outfit it's like he's pretending that the Classic Man video never happened or something um lol attn Jidenna you cannot fool me I know your outfits

Jidenna looks SO unattractive in a suit why can't he just look hot like this again

Jidenna looking hot with a haircut.jpg
Jidenna looking hot as fuck in a hat.jpg

his hair used to be so good and hot but now he has a combover looking like he's in the 1950s attn Jidenna you are not a part of the Duggars I know your name starts with a J but come on you are you are Jidenna Mobisson not Jidenna Duggar 

idk why he's using this schtick but he could do better.  He's signed on Wondaland Records which is Janelle Monáe's label so I see why he's like that to basically be the "male version" of Janelle Monáe but srsly

I hope he changes soon