Uptown Funk sucks; Mark Ronson is ruining his career

hello everybody this is a long-awaited blog post from me but don't worry it's here now


Uptown Funk sucks

Uptown Funk sucks.jpg


in November 2014, I first saw the video for Uptown Funk and it was ok but I lost interest halfway through and to this day I have not seen the whole video because it just cannot keep my attention because

  1. the song sucks
  2. Bruno Mars is singing in the song
  3. Bruno Mars sucks
  4. there are brass instruments in the song and I cannot stand horns
  5. this song is way too loud
  6. the song is a fucking mess

let me start this by saying Mark Ronson just released his first album in 5 years now.  This is the longest break between albums because he was going 3-4 years with a new album.  Mark Ronson is a DJ, he doesn't normally sing on his tracks unlike DJ Cassidy will do.  Uptown Special is horrible.  I can't even finish through one song on this album without skipping to the next.  What epiphany did Mark Ronson have for this album? uh

Mark Ronson used to be really hot too but he just looks like shit in Uptown Funk and that's because the video sucks and so does the song because Bruno Mars is in it, ruining Mark's image


Mark Ronson went from using all these really hot guys from the R&B scene and underground artists that many people have not heard of to BRUNO MARS.  The fuck happened since Bang Bang Bang?


It's not like Mark Ronson was only 'in his prime' for the 4th album with The Business Intl., because he wasn't.  On Version, 'Valerie' and 'Stop Me' were the best songs and Mark Ronson is still notoriously known for these songs.  I hate Morrissey and The Smiths suck but 'Stop Me' is a really good song and believe me it takes a lot for me to say that about a remake if I fucking hate the original artists.

Mark Ronson wants to be heard now and wants more fame so what does he do?  He releases a song with Bruno Mars!!!!!!  Now, I can't stand Bruno Mars and I think he's terrible but that is another story for another time.  Mark Ronson releasing a song with Bruno Mars does not go well that's like Kanye West and Taylor Swift or it's like Brooke Hogan or Paris Hilton making their ways back to the music scene and having a song with Janelle Monáe what the fuck it just doesn't go together but you know, Mark Ronson is ruining his career by tainting it with Bruno Mars.

This is gross and Mark Ronson is gonna be soon forgotten about until he has a song with like Taylor Swift or one of those artists efiliated with iHeartRadio or something