Fetty Wap sucks

yeah hi Fetty Wap sucks

Trap Queen sucks

Fetty Wap sitting in his car taking a selfie.jpg

I don't understand how anyone can like this song.  His voice sucks and I can't understand a fucking word he's saying he's like a trap version of Sean Paul.  idk how he got his voice like that but he should probably stop making it sound like that

but the same people that like this song are the same people that only like him because of his missing eye.  That is gross and I'm not talking about his eye 

this song has no structure and it sounds like it was made in a basement the same day it was written.  someone needs to uninstall Fruity Loops and stop using the stock version of Garage Band

I can't even compose a proper post about this because the song is literally nothing it makes no sense I can just go on and repeat myself many times but I'm not going to do that


attn everyone please stop this song is bad



I can't handle this he's basically a 2015 version of Baby Huey or Hurricane Chris and release one song that's really bad and nobody will hear from him ever again