Miguel's #WILDHEARTEXPERIENCE, 3 new songs, and 'Coffee' video

Last night was the June 15th event for Miguel's #WILDHEARTEXPERIENCE at the Red Bull Headquarters in Los Angeles, CA.


Miguel had a live performance of his upcoming album, Wildheart, which is out in 2 weeks on June 30th.  From what I could tell without being there, it was very hot.  Miguel looks gorgeous in white.

Miguel looking hot and gorgeous as usual while on stage at the WILDHEARTEXPERIENCE.jpg
Miguel laying on the runway floor wearing all white during his WILDHEARTEXPERIENCE show.jpg


Following the show, Miguel announced Wildheart can be preordered on iTunes, with 6 songs being available instantly after preordering.  The 6 songs are "Coffee," "Hollywood Dreams," "NWA," "FLESH," "...goingtohell," and "face the sun."  The first three songs were released 6 months ago via Miguel's SoundCloud, but the latter three are brand new.  They are all hot.  "face the sun" features Lenny Kravitz and that song is very good and it will be his next single along with "Hollywood Dreams." 


Today, Miguel also announced his Summer 2015 North American tour schedule, which can be found here.


Today, June 16th, Miguel finally released his video for "Coffee"


This video is so hot omg I thought "Do You" was a hot video but this video is in full color and it's basically Miguel rolling around naked on a bed with a girl and there are so many close ups on his hot face and his hot chiseled body and I'm dying I literally screamed I watched it within the first hour it was live on YouTube and I already downloaded the video in HD on my desktop so I can watch it whenever I need it and omg Miguel is fucking gorgeous with or without clothes his tattoos are so hot his haircut looks good and his back is really hot too I need Miguel so much there is a hot sex scene in the shower in the beginning of the video I fucking lost it within the first 10 seconds of this video I wasn't sure if I was able to continue but I was and omg this is a 5 minute porno VEVO video of Miguel with his music playing

Miguel's back looking really hot in the Coffee video.jpg
Miguel having sex on the bed in the Coffee video.jpg

I am going to explode on June 30th

Miguel looking really hot naked in the bed in the Coffee video.jpg