YG shot 3 times on video set

YG, a well-known rapper known for DJ Mustard's tag in hundreds of songs, was shot Friday morning on a video shot in Los Angeles

first off
why YG why couldn't it be someone that sucks like Taylor Swift he doesn't deserve to suffer he's a hot guy YG didn't need this

YG is fine, but this is very scary. There has been way too many close calls with shootings involving hot guys


YG has hot tattoos and a hot voice and he made My Nigga and he's only 25 he has the voice of an angel so he needs to be invincible like an angel or like Jesus

whoever shot YG needs to listen up that was so uncalled for you picked the wrong victim to target cuz YG had been nothing but nice and hot I think you are just jealous his famous tag for DJ Mustard is all over the radio airwaves and all over the Internet and you deserve to suffer I hope all your CDs get scratched and skip and your Sirius radio breaks and the only thing you're hearing is the new Taylor Swift album that sucks

YG looking extremely hot touching his hat as he models for Pink Dolphin.jpg

YG I hope you are ok you are hot and hot guys do not deserve bad things to happen to them