Sebastian Mikael

In 2014, Swedish R&B artist Sebastian Mikael released his debut album, Speechless.  Nearly a year later, 2 new songs have surfaced.

Sebastian Mikael wearing a gold watch and a button up shirt looking hot against a graffitied brick wall.jpg


when I first heard about him in 2013 I liked him right off the bat.  His voice and style are both definitely unique.  He reminds me a lot of Miguel especially since his name is a variation of Miguel.  He also looks like Miguel which is hot.


In June 2015, I saw a video for a new song of his, called "Money."  The video and the song remind me of Miguel's "Adorn."  Albeit being 2:30 long, I don't think this is the final version of the song, just like "Adorn" originally was.  Sebastian Mikael's style has changed a lot from his first album, just like Miguel did from his first to his second album.  


Money is such a good song I want this song to be longer, which I think it will be very soon, and I like where he is going with this.  Another new song he released is "BEAUTIFUL LIFE."


Sebastian Mikael is one of those artists that can cover your song and make it sound so different than the original version and make it sound a lot better.  Fetty Wap sucks and can't sing and Sebastian Mikael covered "Trap Queen" and made it listenable and you can understand what the lyrics are.  He did the same with J. Cole's "Wet Dreamz."


In about 6-8 months you are going to hear more about Sebastian Mikael because I KNOW the radio and the music industries will make him explode on everything.  Wale gave him a 'push' with "Last Night" and another new and rising artist, Teyana Taylor, was featured on Speechless.  He won't disappoint.

Sebastian Mikael standing on a bridge looking hot wearing a leather jacket.jpg