Nick Jonas got hot

About 8 months ago, a magazine photo shoot with Nick Jonas surfaced on the Internet.  Nick Jonas suddenly got hot out of nowhere

Nick Jonas showing off his bad tattoo but omg the look on his face is to die for.jpg


Nick Jonas was a child Disney star virgin along with his brothers Kevin and Joe Jonas and they were a part of the Jonas Brothers band and they had their own show on the Disney Channel along with made for TV movies.  I didn't know they were an actual band until 2009 and I didn't know anything about them, aside from headlines on the Internet.

Nick Jonas looking really hot in 2013.jpg


Back in October when the Flaunt magazine photo shoot was announced, I noticed how he changed and how he looked now as opposed to how he looked as a teen.  I thought nothing and moved on.  Fast forward to a few months and I heard his new song "Jealous" and I decided to look up Nick Jonas again and omg he got HOT

Nick Jonas had ugly duckling syndrome in the band because he was so young and appeared younger than he actually is (like me) but now it's 2015 and he got hot and he works out and omg

I decided to revisit the Flaunt magazine photo shoot pictures again and omg

Nick Jonas has a hot body

Nick Jonas shaved his large head of hair and looks hotter

Nick Jonas has a huge package

Nick Jonas knows how to model

Nick Jonas looking really fucking hot and gorgeous in his Flaunt magazine interview with his huge package.jpg


the video for Jealous is really hot too omg the way he looks at the camera and everything it's so real and natural 

I can't believe how hot he got I think once a guy leaves the boyband they're in and shaves their head they get instantly hot cuz remember Justin Timberlake did that and he was everything to America

I await the day Nick Jonas' nudes leak on the Internet