Jidenna isn't very much of a 'classic man'

I can't believe I am the only one noticing this

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Janelle Monáe's protégé, Jidenna, is all an act.  He may dress the part BUT he is deceiving everyone in his lyrics


  • "I can pull the wool while I'm being polite"

Jidenna is subtlety hinting that he is lying to girls and he can be polite at the same time.  Jidenna is a pick up artist

  • "I can be a bull while I'm being polite"

Obviously this refers to sex, Jidenna is saying he is as fierce as a bull in bed.  A real gentleman wouldn't say this publicly.  What happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors, Jidenna.

  • "Why can't every woman end up being my wife?"

Well, it looks like Jidenna has an obsession with women, playing them day in and day out.  Jidenna just cannot settle down with one woman.  Is Jidenna a member of Ashley Madison?

  • "You can be mean when you look this clean"

There you have it.  Jidenna is saying HIMSELF that it's all an act.  He's just dressing the part, but deep inside, he is a womanizer.


  • "She left my collar on like she's my owner so when she downward dog I jump up on her"

Jidenna is admitting to S&M activities in his verse.  A true classic man would not talk about such discreet details from the bedroom in a popular song.  This is private.  Jidenna is also comparing himself to an animal, which is slang for a dirty man in bed.

  • "I'd love to break you in... I'd stretch you out and in... now you should tell a friend"

Jidenna is being extremely graphic in this verse and it is making me feel very uncomfortable.  I thought he was a classic man.  He also wants said girl to tell her friends what he will do to them.  Is Jidenna implying he is the village bicycle?

  • "I pray that young girl come over"

I hope this isn't meaning what I think it is!

I know the song is about doing yoga, but we all know there are other ways to talk about yoga in a song than being as graphic like this.

Janelle Monáe is obsessed with Androids, and I just have a feeling her little posse is made up of robots, Jidenna being one of them.

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