'Classic Man' remix featuring Kendrick Lamar

Once again I tackle this song but with a twist: this is a remix with Kendrick Lamar


As widely stressed 6 months ago, Jidenna is a classic man.  His words, actions, and life show respect to everyone.  Someone thought it would be a good idea to have a "Classic Man" remix featuring Kendrick Lamar, and it happened

Jidenna ruining his career by bringing Kendrick Lamar on his one and only song.jpg


Kendrick Lamar is somehow "the next best thing" right now, which is entirely false, because his new album is out of control and bad but I will get to that at another time and not now.

Within 3 seconds after the music starts, Kendrick Lamar gives it his all and starts freestyling or whatever you want to call what he does.  Kendrick Lamar's verses completely void the meaning and reasoning of the actual song.  Jidenna is "classic" and stops using words like 'bitch' and 'fuck' but here we are and Kendrick Lamar is letting loose, lol, ruining the purpose

I want to know whose idea this was because this is gross and on top of all that, you see the song and video are both dying down, and instead of letting it fade away from its 6 month stand, you create a remix and a video for the song!!!!


Kendrick Lamar has issues regarding his fame because his music sucks and he needs to stop promoting his new album, To Pimp a Butterfly, in every song.  Kendrick Lamar please stop idk what you are doing but you're not doing a good job of it because your voice is still gross and you still sound like a bug and your albums suck please stop nobody cares you are ruining other artists' careers and making them look bad

this song is never going to end it's like Gangnam Style but Wondaland's version